Save Time & Money: A look at the advantages of outsourcing your HR services

November 17, 2017 / by Cheryl Perez posted in Save Time, Save Money, HR Outsourcing, Outsource

When companies choose to outsource their HR services, they create opportunities to focus more intently on issues that matter to employees, says Cheryl Cooper Perez, President and Director of Sales at BIG-HR. They are no longer burdened by the many administrative responsibilities that employers must manage in order to hit the moving target that is HR compliance.

“When you can outsource that task to an expert who is on top of these frequent policy changes, you reduce your risk of being out of step with the latest rules and regulations that govern employers,” Perez says. “You’re now able to focus more closely on the well-being and experience of your employees and what you can do to build a stronger culture in your company.”
Companies that decide not to utilize a trained professional and instead rely on the CFO, office manager or other position to handle HR duties may not be aware of the risk this move creates for their organization. 

Smart Business spoke with Perez about why outsourcing has become a valuable tool to help companies manage their HR responsibilities.
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