How to Create & Implement an Effective and Easy Discipline Policy & Procedure in 5 Simple Steps

January 08, 2019 / by Cheryl Perez

Are you losing sleep or worried about a few poor performing employees?  You know the ones that call off all the time, show up late, make a ton of mistakes, and still expect to keep their jobs?

I remember the first time I had a problem “employee”…

That night I tossed and turned worrying about my business. 

Trying to figure out how and if I could even fix it?  If my liability would increase? I already have some workforce development needs, could I even afford to fire this employee!

Would the employee retaliate?  Would she improve or begin to sabotage my business?  Would she accuse me of things that would hurt my business and my other staff?

What do I even say and how do I say it?

When the employee’s behavior first became unbearable, I just wanted to ignore the whole thing…

but I said to myself… wait it out Cheryl… let's see what you really need to do in order to continue business as usual.

Over the past few decades, I've mastered the disciplinary conversation.

It has been so liberating!  I’m no longer being held hostage by bad apples or being taken advantage of by employees who are always “running late”, calling off work, or performing their jobs poorly.

The truth is.. creating the right policies and procedures WILL keep my business running and functioning well with employees who are capable and committed.

Because of my trial and error, we now have the perfect toolkit formula that can be implemented by small businesses in 5 simple steps.

Without an HR person or team…

These steps can be implemented very easily by whoever oversees the HR in your organization…even if it’s YOU with your busy schedule.

So how do you get access to this information?

Click below to join me for this FREE workshop training class for business owners who want to make sure that they can keep their business running smoothly and stop bad employee behavior in its tracks, before it gets really bad and you can’t do anything about it!

Do you want to address your concerns about not having the knowledge or power to really discipline your employees and get them to be OK with it? Implementing the right policies and procedures is the ONLY way!

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What we will cover

What you need to consider before you start disciplining employees

There are several things that need to be considered before you even start to discipline your employee. Do you have an established workplace code of conduct in which everyone knows exactly what they can and cannot do? Do you have an established workplace investigation process if someone gets reported? Have you established an effective employee grievance process and do your employees have the right to appeal or defend themselves? This training class will help you learn all the things that must be in place before you begin the discipline to protect you from unnecessary claims and lawsuits.  

What a Progressive disciplinary policy and procedure contains

Every employer should have a Disciplinary policy that allows for progressive action along the way. This class will show you the easiest and most effective progressive policy and procedure to help.

Find out why communication is so critical and get a communication strategy that works

One major part of having and effective disciplinary process and policy is how that policy is communicated and how the managers and supervisors implement. This class will discuss with you what communication strategies should be employed in order to make sure that everyone on your team is on the same page and that you are protected from the “I didn’t know” claims.

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Cheryl Perez

Written by Cheryl Perez

Cheryl Perez is the President & Managing Partner of BIG-HR.