Have You Been Naughty or Nice? Your Performance Review Tells All!

December 18, 2018 / by Mike Kaminski


Since the beginning of time, it feels like the ever-so popular “naughty or nice” list comes into play every December during the holidays… the method used to keep our kids (and yes, even some adults) in line to behave in order to get presents Christmas Day. “Were you nice or naughty this year?”, we ask, “because if you were naughty, there’ll be a lump of coal waiting in your stocking above the fireplace this year!” That’s right, naughty children couldn’t get presents like all the nice children unless they changed their habits. Examples of those habits, besides being nice and respectful to people, may have been doing chores around the house or getting a good progress report or grades in school. Either way, it was important as a kid to perform the “nice” routine in order to get the goodies, while being naughty and not doing what is expected leads to nothing but bad news. Is this concept really so different than what we see in today's business environment?


As the year winds down and we prepare for the new year, most business owners and executives are reevaluating all areas of their businesses. One of the most important areas they reevaluate is employee performance. That’s right, the time of year when a simple form determines the good performing employees from the bad… or per the above, the “nice” employees from the “naughty”. It’s a very common, accurate procedure used for a few reasons: promotions, raises, bonuses, demotions, or terminations. 


During this process, every employee receives a completed performance review form that was filled out by or on behalf of their manager. Once received, the employee and manager will determine a date and time to review it and discuss the pros and cons of their overall annual performance. Some companies--especially the younger, smaller companies--may do reviews every 6 months or even quarterly in order to allow for changes to take place more immediate due to urgency. (Why wait a year to fix something when you can do it now?) No matter on which timetable the review is conducted, the process is the same. Managers need to make sure they document all performance issues on each employee so they have accurate accountability information to discuss, and employees just need to make sure they make every day on the job count. This includes their attitude, job performance, teamwork, and more.


Overall, if you haven’t been conducting performance reviews consistently, or not at all, BIG-HR can help! These conversations are never the easiest to have with the “naughty” employees, so our HR Basic Support Services would be perfect to get the advice you need for these tough conversations. And even better, if you want to take a load of stress off your plate, our HR On-Site Services would provide you with an HR specialist to be on-site to discuss and strategize with you, and/or even join you during the meeting! 


But before you contact us, be sure to take this complimentary holiday gift from BIG-HR to assist with your meeting. Consider it your 2018 “Naughty or Nice” list! 

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Happy Holidays from BIG-HR!


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Mike Kaminski

Written by Mike Kaminski

Mike is the VP of Marketing & Partner of BIG-HR and comes with 13+ years of experience in management, sales, & marketing.