Hands Off! Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

October 16, 2018 / by TeNita Bryant


The definition of Sexual Harassment has evolved over the years. It is a form of sex discrimination that has its roots in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This federal law made it illegal for employers to qualify or disqualify a person, within an employment setting, based on their sex. This could be either male or female; discrimination is not gender specific. Sexual Harassment is taking sex discrimination a step further. It is making unwanted advances toward a person with the expectation of specific behaviors. It can mean:

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Topics: Lawsuits, Compliance, Human Resources, Internal & External Human Capital

TeNita Bryant

Written by TeNita Bryant

TeNita Bryant is an HR Consulting Specialist with BIG-HR who has years of experience working with employers & human resource staff by helping them take the HR load off of their plate and providing them with HR expertise.