10 Workplace Rules for Etiquette

November 13, 2018 / by Rico Perez


Workplace etiquette as defined by dictionary.com (Random House 2018): 

The code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other. In layman’s terms, acting like you were born with, or taught common sense! For those of you still unsure, here are 10 very important workplace rules for etiquette:

10.) Don’t come to work sick.  If you have a communicable illness, you shouldn’t be at the office! Stay home!

 9.)  At all costs avoid being late. If you happen to have a delay, COMMUNICATE with your supervisor ahead of time. For every minute you think you’ll be late, give two minutes warning. (Mathews 2017)

 8.) Pay attention in meetings.  If you are in a training or a meeting please pay attention to the speaker. Put your phones away, and don’t have side conversations with your neighbor!

 7.) Remember your boundaries while at work.  Developing friendships at work is expected but remember you are at work and you should be careful about sharing personal information.

 6.) Watch what you put on social media.  Depending on your company’s policy, you should be very careful about the things you post on social media… “This is my page and I can do what I want”.In most cases this is not true, and you could be disciplined for your actions even on social media!

 5.) Emails can be misconstrued.  When responding to an e-mail be careful of your “tone”… it is very easy to offend someone without meaning to. Also, be careful that you are not “replying to all” and sharing something with someone you shouldn’t. 

4.) Please clean up after yourself!  Most people spend just as much time at work as they do home, so it is everyone’s job to make sure that the office is not nasty! If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen, please make sure that you clean your dishes and wipe out the microwave after you use it!

3.) Be courteous.  If you pour the last cup of coffee, you should make a fresh pot! Enough said!

2.) Respect your co-worker’s privacy.  You should always knock before entering a co-worker’s office or work area. Never read an e-mail, note, or fax that is not addressed to you.

1.) Freedom of Speech… just watch what you say.  Although we all have the right to our opinions, we need to be wary about the things we say while at work.  Don’t use profanity and always be careful when speaking about religious beliefs and political views.


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Rico Perez

Written by Rico Perez

Rico Perez is a partner and VP of Training & Development at BIG-HR. He has over 8 years of experience in HR-related training & management.